Since we are the Federal School for Skin and Body Optimization of the Federal Association of Cosmetics and Foot Care Companies of Germany, we are entitled to issue various certificates and deeds in the name of the association.

In our function as specialist lecturers for laser hair removal of the above association, you can be assured that we will train you specifically.

By completing the theory module "Basics of the skin and its Anhangsgebilde´´" and the successful participation in the practice module "Optical radiation" you will receive a certificate of advanced training.

They may then bear the title "Fachfrau/ Fachmann für Laserhaarentfernung VFK" of the Bundesverband Kosmetik und Fußpflegebetriebe Deutschlands e.V. (Federal Association of Cosmetics and Foot Care Companies in Germany).

This title, of the Federal Association, can only be acquired exclusively through our Federal School.

<i style="color: #b9afa1;">Es sei an dieser Stelle nochmal erwähnt, dass Ihnen und Ihrem Team für diese Fortbildung keine weiteren Kosten entstehen, da diese bereits im Geräte Komplett-Preis enthalten sind. WICHTIG: diese </i>Advanced training<i style="color: #b9afa1;"> stellt kein NISV-Fachkundemodul dar. Jedoch sind wir </i>certified<i style="color: #b9afa1;"> und anerkannter NISV-Ausbildungsstandort, NISV-Ausbilder und NISV-Prüfer und stehen Ihnen zur Erlangung der NISV-Fachkunde zur Verfügung.  Gern unterbreiten wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot, auf Wunsch auch mit Ratenzahlung. An unserem Leipziger Standort ist die </i>Implementation of all NISV specialist modules possible.

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Theory module ,,Basics of the skin and its Anhangsgebilde´´

You will receive the theory documents directly after purchasing the equipment, so that you can acquire this knowledge.

Focal points of the theory module:

Anatomy of the skin

  • Knowledge of the structure of the skin
  • epidermis
  • dermis
  • subcutis

Physiology of the skin and its appendages

  • Understanding the connections and functions of the skin
    • Barrier and metabolic function
    • thermoregulation
    • immune system
  • Knowledge of the skin appendages
    • hair
    • nail organ
    • perspiratory glands
    • sebaceous glands

Changes of the skin and skin diseases

  • Skin ageing (intrinsic and extrinsic skin ageing)
  • skin diseases
  • Acne (main forms and special forms)
  • rosacea
  • Perioral Dermatitis
  • Infections (bacterial and viral)
  • Allergies (reaction types)
  • Eczema (Species)
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Practice module "Optical Radiation

Focal points of the practice module:

Legal basis

  • Here we tell you everything you need to know in the future

Anatomy and physiology of the skin and its appendages

  • Repetition of the contents of the theory module, which you have already internalized independently.

Physical basics of laser radiation

  • Here we explain to you everything you should know about it

Biological effects of laser radiation

  • Here we deal with the effects of permanent hair removal

Treatment parameters and device settings

  • Here we discuss together, which device setting causes what, so that you know, what the device automatic controls, whereby you can also adjust the parameters manually.


  • Here we explain a lot about the minimization of application errors and which areas or skin changes should not be treated.

Protective provisions and measures

  • In addition to the risks, here we explain everything you need to know about self-protection and patient protection.

Contraindications, risks and side effects

  • Here we discuss how a customer/patient education can/should be arranged, in addition you receive from us examples for education and treatment agreement forms, these cover the topics contraindications, risks and side effects.

application planning

  • Here we pass on a part of our know-how to you, so that you can optimally care for your customers/patients and make well-founded recommendations.

Practical exercises

  • Now it is up to you, under our supervision, to complete the first exercises with your new diode laser from
  • The first application on a test person takes place.
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laser safety officer

If you do not yet have a laser safety officer in your company in accordance with §5 of the German Ordinance on the Protection of Employees from the Hazards of Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV), we will be happy to recommend an approved provider for an online course. Your costs with this provider amount to 250€ net.

Employers are obliged, if they do not have the necessary specialist knowledge themselves, to appoint a laser safety officer with specialist knowledge in writing before starting to operate class 3R, 3B and 4 lasers. The specialist knowledge must be proven by successful participation in a training course and kept up to date by regular further training (OStrV § 5 paragraph 2). Refreshing every 5 years is mandatory.

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You are welcome to contact us with your questions at any time.

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