Awards and
Certificates of the company:

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    Awarded with the German Hygiene Seal

    With this award we were confirmed that requirements such as the hygiene regulations of the federal states, the Infection Protection Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act are fulfilled.

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    Training centre for skin and body optimisation

    We are also the Federal School for Skin and Body Optimization of the Federal Association of Cosmetics and Foot Care Companies of Germany.

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    Certification according to BSO 2011

    We are successfully certified according to the BSO 2011 standard, a quality management system.

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The history behind the company

We are a medium-sized company headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, which operates the brand under the patronage of the German Cosmetics and Foot Care Association (Bundesverband Kosmetik und Fußpflegebetriebe Deutschlands e.V.).

We are:

- certified and approved location for the specialist knowledge groups laser/intense light sources & EMF stimulation and for the specialist knowledge module optical radiation. This gives you the opportunity, if desired or necessary, to complete the technical qualification according to the NIS Ordinance (NISV) with us.

- Operator of 3 specialist cosmetics institutes in Leipzig, Radebeul and Köthen, with over 40,000 treatments carried out under the brand.

- Our company was awarded 1st place in November 2021 as "Germany's Best Beautician 2021" in the Maxi category

- Service provider for sales and service of specialist equipment for beauticians, beauty salons and doctors

- Federal School for Skin and Body Optimisation of the Federal Association of Cosmetic and Foot Care Companies of Germany e.V.

- Specialist lecturers for laser hair removal of the Bundesverband Kosmetik und Fußpflegebetriebe Deutschlands e.V. (Federal Association of Cosmetic and Chiropody Establishments in Germany).

Due to our experience, the company combines a very broad spectrum of specialist knowledge. Therefore we have the possibilities to advise, support and assist you in a targeted and professional way. That's why we should get to know each other.

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