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The melanin, the dark pigment in the hair, transfers the energy of the laser as heat to the hair root, which is then permanently sclerosed. The proteins are denatured by the laser radiation in the stem cell, i.e. the hair root is damaged so that the hair can no longer grow back. Therefore also dark skin types and pigmentarme, fine hair can be treated successfully, since in addition to melanin the protein of the stem cells is the target.

In our experience, approx. 15-20% of the hair roots are sclerosed per application. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, the desired result can be achieved after 5-8 applications.

No hair will grow on the treated areas, sounds unimaginable and like a dream at the same time. The hair roots permanently destroyed by the diode laser can actually no longer produce hair. For the sake of completeness, there are hair roots under the skin that do not produce hair during the entire treatment cycle and have never done so far, and therefore cannot be treated. It happens that these hair roots are activated, e.g. by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Further treatments can then be carried out at the request of customers/patients.

More and more women and men in Germany are opting for permanent hair removal. In this century, the question of body hair has above all become a question of aesthetics, because hair under the armpits, in the bikini line, on the back or on the legs is generally regarded as less aesthetic. Frequent shaving strains the skin, is time-consuming and cost-intensive in the long run.

For example, you can laser - armpits, arms, eyebrows, abdomen, navel, legs, bikini line, chest, nipples, décolleté, feet, whole body, buttocks, face, neck, hands, intimate area, chin, knees, groins, median line, neck, nose, upper arms, upper lip, thighs, ears, buttocks, bottom fold, back, shoulders, coccyx, forearms, lower legs, cheeks, toes - of your customers/patients.

Your new diode laser can usually treat all skin types. Tattoos in the treatment area are not treated or this area is omitted. Dark skin types and pigment poor, fine hair can also be successfully treated, as in addition to melanin the protein of the stem cells is the target.

As the handpieces are progressively cooled, a pleasant feeling of cold is created at the beginning of the treatment. As soon as the laser is activated, a slight plucking / pulling sensation develops, comparable to the plucking of the eyebrows. For "anxious patients" you can establish the free trial laser impulse as a marketing measure, this creates trust and the potential customer experiences the studio/institute/ practice and the feeling of treatment.

In our words: All systems can achieve permanent hair removal. Their future diode laser system works in the range of 45 degrees Celsius and thereby destroys the protein compounds in the hair root, the other named systems usually work in the range of 75 degrees Celsius and therefore burn the hair root. This also makes a big difference in the perception for your customer/patient. In our experience, high-performance diode technology offers the best quantitative and qualitative results. During laser application, the energy enters the hair root in a bundled and targeted manner. Treatment with the other technologies is done by a light with a "wide spectrum" and therefore requires more sessions in direct comparison. The technologies IPL, I²PL, SHR use the light of a xenon light source and have a wide wavelength spectrum. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses light in the wavelength range 380-1400nm, I²PL (Intensed-Pulsed-Light-Ellipse-System) is based on a wavelength 700-950nm and SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology is based on 400-900nm. To generate the required heat in the hair root, for sclerotherapy, the IPL technology uses a few high-energy flashes and the SHR technology uses many, less high-energy flashes.

Our skin consists of 3 types of chromophores (substances that convert light into heat), these are haemoglobin (colouring the red blood cells), water and melanin. Haemoglobin heats up most at a wavelength of 540 and 580 nm, water only begins to heat up slightly at about 800 nm. This also explains why systems that do not use lasers are limited in their performance, because otherwise burns could occur because the blood and water warms up with it. Laser-based systems with a fixed wavelength do not have this disadvantage.

You should therefore consider which system is the most suitable for your customers/patients. Consider also the recommendation marketing, if the customers/patients report - I had no pain.

With our words: With the Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) and the Alexandrite laser (755nm) mainly tattoos, permanent make-up, changes of the skin e.g. malformations like pigment spots, blood sponges and also spider veins are treated. The diode wavelength for hair removal of 808 / 810nm penetrates deep into the hair root at high power and high repetition rate.

A diode laser produces a coherent projection of light in the visible to infrared range. Due to its wavelength, a low penetration rate and good melanin absorption are achieved.

The system we use enables safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types on all parts of the body, from the head to the intimate zone to the tips of the toes.

A beard hair grows on average 2.8mm per week, an armpit hair 2.1mm in the same period and on the arm or thigh it grows about 1.5mm per week. The slowest is the eyebrow with 1.1mm growth within seven days.

The duration of a treatment session depends on the size of the body region to be treated. A treatment of the upper lip takes about 10 minutes. For the treatment of the complete legs you have to reckon with approx. 60 minutes per treatment.

For this purpose, we have set up a subpage on FachAUSSTATTER.de. At this point we will give you a variety of examples of possible treatment zones and the corresponding price example.

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