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Our own marketing department will be pleased to support you during the establishment of your service, the permanent hair removal.

For us, this already begins with the first getting to know each other, because we will show you the various possibilities that will be available to you in the future.

Starting e.g. for start-ups with the creation of a logo that suits you and the studio/ salon or practice.

We design and produce individual products for you, such as headbands with your logo, posters, flyers, advertisements.

We also provide support in establishing Google Adwords campaigns so that a customer who "googles" your service will find you directly.

We support you without unnecessary "technical Chinese", e.g. to develop easily implementable strategies.

Since we ourselves operate 3 specialist cosmetics institutes and have meanwhile carried out over 30,000 applications, we were able to gather a great deal of experience.

The well-being of your potential customers begins with advertising or at the moment when the first contact takes place, e.g. through your shop window advertising. It is important to address the customer, otherwise it will not become your customer - this requires a concept.

When you open your studio/institute or practice, a lot of questions arise: Which marketing is necessary to be successful in the long run? Which advertising media are necessary and sensible? What do I want to offer so that my customers/patients feel comfortable?

We offer marketing concepts, advertising material and individual advice to suit cosmetic services and permanent hair removal. Just get in touch with us.

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