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Our 2-year guarantee promise

FachAUSSTATTER.de sells diode lasers in premium quality 'Made in Beijing'. Even well-known manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung produce in China. It is important to note that quality is guaranteed - this is why the equipment manufacturer is TÜV Rheinland certified.

Our many years of experience form the basis and are combined with the incentive to continuously develop our know-how in all relevant areas.

Quality guaranteed! FachAUSSTATTER.de products are innovative, visionary and durable.

This is how you invest in products that are excellently balanced in technology, design and quality.

High-quality components and the latest manufacturing processes combine with market-leading technologies to guarantee reliable performance over many years.

We fulfil our promise that you can expect top performance from us. If, contrary to expectations, a repair or an exchange should be necessary, we are happy to be there for you.

Enjoy unique comfort and functionality at all times. You have our word - you can rely on your FachAUSSTATTER.de products. Guaranteed.

We therefore offer you a 2-year warranty on the main unit. The BHP2400 handpiece comes with a warranty of up to 20 million laser pulses (equivalent to approximately 15,000 men-back applications) and the MHP600 handpiece with up to 10 million laser pulses within 2 years.

#Important: our lasers have no technical shot limit.

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maintenance service

Your diode laser from FachAUSSTATTER.de is a reliable partner for your professional use. We offer professional care, cleaning and function testing by our customer service so that you can enjoy using our products for as long as possible.

As part of this service, your device is regularly professionally inspected and technically cleaned with cleaning and care products. During the deep cleaning process, inaccessible areas inside the unit are also cleaned.

A comprehensive function test of the device including leak test is carried out. With a specially developed diagnostic system, we test your device and bring it up to date.

The costs of regular maintenance are always charged at a flat rate after the respective maintenance.

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flat rates

maintenance service

The price is per device, incl. smallest material and implementation (excl. VAT)

Category 1: Diode laser S6 - 449€
Category 2: Diode laser BS246 - 489€

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For further detailed information you can reach us Monday to Sunday from 10.00 - 22.00 o'clock under the telephone number 0341/69922677. We are gladly personally there for you!

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